US Commemorative Coins 2006

Benjamin Franklin Commemorative Dollar
Benjamin Franklin Commemorative Dollar

One of this country’s greatest scientists and philosophers was Benjamin Franklin. He was a strong force leading the American Revolution and invented many things. The United States mint commemorated him with two silver dollar coins issued in 2006, honoring the 300th anniversary of his birth. One coin shows him for the scientist that he was, while the other honors his place as an instrumental leader in our country’s independence.
The first coin shows an engraving of Franklin with his kite experimenting with electricity on the obverse, while the reverse has the “Join or Die” cartoon that Franklin published in the Pennsylvania Gazette May 9, 1754. (250,000 minted)
The second coin shows a simple portrait of him on the obverse, while the reverse has the designs Franklin contributed to the 1776 Continental dollar. (250,000 minted)
The second set of coins issued in 2006 honored the San Francisco Old Mint or the “Granite Lady”. This building was the only financial institution to survive the horrible San Fransisco Earthquake of 1906.  Since it was able to get the relief funds to the people, the building was instrumental in getting San Fransisco back on track.
San Francisco Old Mint or the "Granite Lady" Commemorative Gold Coin
San Francisco Mint Commemorative Gold Coin

The five dollar gold coin has on its obverse an engraving of the Old Mint as it was originally designed.  The reverse has shows an image of the Half-Eagle Coronet, showing the eagle in reverse. (100,000 minted)
The silver one dollar coin has the original design prepared for the San Francisco Mint medal  on its obverse.  The reverse has the George P. Morgan Silver Dollar emblem (an eagle). (500,000 minted)
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  1. Nice, I actually have a couple of those Ben Franklin commems.
    I did not realize that there were two different coins issued that year for Franklin! I am now hoping that I can find one at a reasonable price to add to my collection.

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