Collecting British Silver Coins

Collecting old British silver coins can be a great start to any coin collection. These coins are great in many ways – You can learn their history, the coins are collectible and you are also building up a stash of silver. Coin collecting is also an extremely enjoyable hobby that can be enjoyed by the whole family!
Of course it stands to reason that the older the coins the more expensive they are going to be to collect. However this hobby is to be enjoyed by everyone and can be done “on the cheap”. If you mainly concentrate on silver coins/shillings from the 1900’s you will easily build your collection.
Don’t forget that other people are also into this hobby as well and so as you upgrade your collection you can sell off your surplus coins and make some extra money to put towards buying your next set of British silver coins.

Early British Silver Florin
Early British Silver Florin

Coins from our yester-years can be a great eye opener into the past. As you look up information about the coin you build up a great knowledge of the past.
For example, if you looked up the value of an old 12 pence shilling you would learn that this was first brought out in 1502. This was during King Henry VII’s reign. This is something you might not have learned or remember from the history books but is something that collecting old British silver coins could teach you!
If you want to go back even further then you can! British silver coins can be found dated as far back as before the invasion of the Romans. These are the most expensive coins due to their age – They are usually pieces of medieval silver hammered into the correct shapes.
British Silver Six Pence
British Silver Six Pence

Victorian silver coins are also very popular. These are well liked due to their artistic designs and elaborate look.
You can get a number of books to help you. Recommended would be something like the Spink services. The Krause catalogues can also help but please bear in mind these only go back as far as 1601.
When it comes to coin collecting there are many types of coins that you can choose to collect. Maybe you want to build up a collection of foreign coins, build up your history knowledge with coins from the past or just start a coin collection for the future by collecting current coins.
There can be any number of reasons why you would want to start a collection however each of them is just as enjoyable and has their own merits.
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  1. I have a 1914-1918 British Coin,
    which I believe ia a Early British Florin, exactly
    like the one in the above picture and
    King George V on it.
    I would like to know how much it is worth?
    or anything else you can tell me.

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