Coin Collecting Is Much More Than A Hobby For Kids

Coin collecting is one of the oldest hobbies there is and in recent years, it’s became a very popular hobby for children of all ages. In fact, it’s one of the best hobbies there is for younger children since you can help them build a collection with little or no investment.
The best source to help your child begin a collection is from the change that you receive on a daily basis. Avid coin collectors know that you can often find many silver coins and wheat pennies in every day change. But, your child’s first collection doesn’t have to be older coins, the new state quarters are a perfect way to start.
Coin collecting can be both a fun and rewarding hobby for your child. But, it’s also an excellent opportunity for them to learn. The educational benefits of coin collecting are almost limitless! Coins are great tools for learning mathematics and if your child is struggling in arithmetic, coins are one of the best ways to help them learn and have fun at the same time.

1936 Silver Dime
1936 Silver Dime

Even as early as preschool age, children can learn by beginning with the names and values of the different coins. For older children, coin collecting is a great way to practice addition, division and multiplication skills. And, by providing your child with coin albums and containers, you can help them learn organizational skills as well.
The benefits of coin collecting goes beyond just the basic arithmetic skills, coins are also a way to help your child learn about history and geography! Foreign coins can often be purchased for very little money and can teach your children about other countries, their currencies and cultures.
Take the time to share your child’s interest in coins and learn about the different mints. Your local library will have books on coin collecting, how coins are minted and some of the history behind the images depicted on the coins. There are also many websites available such as the U.S. Treasury site that can provide lot’s of information about the coins you have.
If you show an interest in collecting coins, you child will most likely be more interested in collecting them. There are many different ways to collect coins, a collection can consist of only coins of one denomination or it can be just coins from a particular year, such as the year your child was born.
Once your child shows a genuine interest in coin collecting, you can then start to purchase some older coins for them to add to their collection. Often, you can find older coins that don’t cost much more than their monetary value just because there are so many of them available.
While some collections are simply amassed for the sheer joy of the hobby, there are many coins that might be quite valuable by the time your child is an adult. Many collections of coins are handed down from generation to generation and have long been considered family heirlooms.
Aside from all of the educational benefits there is to collecting coins, there are also emotional benefits. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with your child and let them know that their interests are important to you. Plan coin hunting trips with your child and make a special day of it. It will be an event that your child will really look forward to!
Written by Connie Corder, Copyright 2008

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