Don’t Get Ripped Off By Silver and Gold Con Men!

Silver and gold are wise additions to your portfolio. Old timers tell us not to put “all our eggs into one basket.” They advise us to diversify and not to “count our chickens before they hatch.” There is generally no disagreement that precious metals should be a part of your portfolio, however, there is a … Read more

Early U.S. Gold Coins Are The Most Prized Rare Coins

Gold coins have been one of the most popular forms of legal tender since ancient times. The Egyptians first introduced gold coins around 2,700 BC, although these coins were primarily used as gifts. While the first United States gold coins aren’t quite that old, they’ve became one of the most sought after, highly treasured coins … Read more

Coin Collecting Can Be a Profitable Investment

Are you both a collector and an investor? One of the best ways to make your collecting both fun and highly profitable is to get into coin collecting. Even for novices to coin collecting, the hobby can actually become a profitable investment. With a little information and a sprinkling of wisdom you can build a … Read more