Old Coin in the Garden a Boys Treasure

Old coins hold a special place for me. My first memory of collecting coins is also a great memory of a time spent with my father. This old treasure my dad and I found in the garden that day sparked my interest in collecting coins and perhaps even learning about history. I was about nine … Read more

Collecting Error And Die Variety Coins

Virtually every series of coins that have ever been minted have had their flaws that have made some of them highly collectable. The latest series of coins to become popular for their errors have been the Presidential dollar coins, or what everyone has came to call the Godless coins. These coins left the U.S. mint … Read more

Coin Collecting Can Be a Profitable Investment

Are you both a collector and an investor? One of the best ways to make your collecting both fun and highly profitable is to get into coin collecting. Even for novices to coin collecting, the hobby can actually become a profitable investment. With a little information and a sprinkling of wisdom you can build a … Read more

Investing In Silver With Coin Collecting

Collecting US silver coins is an excellent way of investing in silver for your future. Not only are silver coins a solid investment they provide a fascinating hobby as well. A nicely presented coin collection is a thing of beauty; you can see and feel the value in your hands. In recent years the value … Read more

How to Grade Coins and Protect Your Coin Collection

It is important to know how to grade coins if you are going to eb a serious collector. Depending how long, and for what reasons you are collecting coins, you may or may not have heard of coin grading, nor understand how to grade coins or how to store and protect your coins. With that said, if you are happy just having some neat old or foreign coins to look at once in awhile you will probably be fine doing just what you currently are, if you are deeply interested in the hobby then you might want to continue reading this informative little article on grading and protecting your coins.
When it comes to coin grading things can sometimes be pretty unclear. In the beginning there were simply two grades for coins; new and used. As the hobby evolved a letter scale for grading was adopted by collectors.

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