Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a one troy ounce (31.1 g of silver) silver bullion coin minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. The silver bullion coins have been issued yearly since 1988.
While the U.S. Silver Eagle bears a face value of only $1, the Canadian bullion Silver Maple Leaf shows $5. Regardless of the face value however the coin contains one troy ounce of pure silver making it very unlikely that it will ever trade at face value. Personally I think the practice of placing a face value on these bullion coins is a bit odd. What is the purpose of a face value on a coin other than to reflect, or at least be an index of, its market value? But that is how it is, and it is interesting to note that Canada puts a much higher face value on their silver ounce coins than does the U.S.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, as well as the U.S. Silver Eagle is made up of 99.99% pure silver which makes them much softer than 90% silver coins
Over the years there have been a lot of variations to the Silver Maple Leaf including weight differences and color issues. There is one thing that all these coins have in common and that is the inscription “Fine Silver 1 oz. Argent Pur” which you will find near the bottom on the reverse side.
With the varying mintages from one year to the next some Silver Maple Leafs are much less common than others. Naturally this leads to higher premiums for certain years and special issues. Collectability can play a major part in determining the market value for a specific coin. Keep in mind that most common dated Silver Maple Leafs will trade in relation to the silver spot.

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is recognized and respected around the world. I think they are a good addition to your portfolio but be sure to try to get them as close to spot value as you can. At the time of this writing I am seeing Maple Leafs available for around $2.50 to $5 above spot (depending upon quantity). Check the spreads and compare to U.S. Silver Eagles.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Annual Mintage Numbers

1988 – 1,062,000
1989 – 3,332,200
1990 – 1,708,800
1991 – 644,300
1992 – 343,800
1993 – 1,133,900
1994 – 889,946
1995 – 326,244
1996 – 250,445
1997 – 100,970
1998 – 591,359
1999 – 1,229,442
999-2000 dual date – 300,000
2000 – 403,652
2001 – 398,563
2002 – 576,196
2003 – 684,750
2004 – 680,925
2005 – 955,694
2006 – 2,464,727
2007 – 3,526,052
2008 – 7,909,161
2009 – 9,727,592
2010 – 17,799,992
2011 – 23,129,966

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

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  1. I am attempting to collect one coin from each year minted of the 1oz Silver Maple Leaf. I think they(Canadian Mint) stopped putting the coins in plastic envelopes at some point. And, there are variations of the coins later. So, I have two questions…
    1. When did they stop putting the coins in plastic envelopes?
    2. Which variation of the coins would be the most collectable?
    Thank you,
    Patrick Horton

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