Engelhard Silver Prospector The First Silver Round

The .999 pure silver Prospector from Engelhard is without question the most well known and trusted silver round ever produced. Most people who collect coins and especially those who are interested in investing in precious metals are familiar with the Engelhard name. “Engelhard” is equivalent to strict standards and high quality. The name gives both … Read more

Silver Rounds – What You Should Know

Silver Rounds are actually a type of silver bar. Instead of being rectangular in shape a silver round looks like a large coin. Silver rounds are 99.9% pure silver, which is generally indicated on the piece as “999 Fine Silver”. These round bars are most often available as one troy ounce although in recent years … Read more

Scrip – Coal Company Tokens

There was a time when there were more than 20,000 company stores using scrip in pace of, or in addition to, cash wages in North America.(*1) It has been estimated that around 75% of all the scrip that was used was used by coal companies in Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia. People in these … Read more

Current Silver Spot Price

Silver spot price have dropped quite a bit since I last posted here. Opinions range from “sell, sell, sell!” to “It’s time to buy!” Some folks lost a lot of value in their portfolio over the past year while others played it better and still came out ahead in the market. To the right you … Read more