Beware of Premiums on Silver

Silver is a good investment right now, but if you aren’t careful the premium you pay will significantly reduce the return you will see and in some cases the spot price of silver would have to double before you can even break even. The premium is the amount of money you pay that is over … Read more

America the Beautiful Quarters for 2011

The America the Beautiful Quarter Program will feature 56 different US National Sites. The obverse or “heads”, of all will be the classic George Washington profile designed by by John Flanagan in 1932. The reverse, or “tails” side of the coins will honor a U.S. national park or other significant national site. The America the … Read more

2009 Lincoln’s Birth Bicentennial Cents

2009 was the bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth. Four different versions of the Lincoln Cent were minted to celbrate the ocassion. All four were struck at both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints which means that there are 8 different versions that were struck for general circulation. The thing that makes these cents interesting is their relative … Read more

Barber Dime

1892–1916 The Barber dime was designed by Charles E. Barber and first minted in 1892. Barber was Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint at that time. The Barber dime was minted of 90% silver and 10% copper and used the same design as the half dollar and quarter dollar. The Barber dime displays Lady Liberty … Read more

Winged Liberty or Mercury Dime

1916 – 1945 The Winged Liberty dime was designed by Adolph A. Weinman and first minted in 1916. This U.S. coin was minted of 90% silver and 10% copper. The Winged Liberty Dime is commonly known as the Mercury Dime. It is assumed that the obverse of the coin depicts the Roman god Mercury but … Read more

Silver Spot Value Up Over 200%

Last summer the spot price of silver was floating around $17.00 to $18.00 per ounce. I knew without doubt that silver was headed for a dramatic rise and so I tried to encourage people to invest in it if they were able. Now I think that there may be some folks out there who are … Read more