Peace Dollar

1921-1928  &  1934-1935 The Silver Peace Dollar was originally proposed to be a commemorative coin issued to memorialize with the ending of World War I; however the final decision was made to issue the Silver Peace Dollar as a circulating coin. The coin, which got its name from having the word “peace” imprinted at the bottom of … Read more

How to Grade Coins and Protect Your Coin Collection

It is important to know how to grade coins if you are going to eb a serious collector. Depending how long, and for what reasons you are collecting coins, you may or may not have heard of coin grading, nor understand how to grade coins or how to store and protect your coins. With that said, if you are happy just having some neat old or foreign coins to look at once in awhile you will probably be fine doing just what you currently are, if you are deeply interested in the hobby then you might want to continue reading this informative little article on grading and protecting your coins.
When it comes to coin grading things can sometimes be pretty unclear. In the beginning there were simply two grades for coins; new and used. As the hobby evolved a letter scale for grading was adopted by collectors.

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Collecting US Coins

Every one of us at some point or another has collected coins. Most people love coming home from a foreign country with some coins to show or give to family members or friends. But there are die hard coin Seated Liberty Dimecollectors who collect United States coins, but not just any United States coins; they collect old United States coins.
While some people may not see the merit in a hobby like collecting old US coins, there is surprisingly a massive amount of the population that spends its time, and money, on old US coins. Most of these people started off by saving old pennies, nickels, and dimes they received in their change as children and have now grown into adults that have a great passion for their hobby of choice.

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British Coins Early & Modern Collecting Guide

Are you a believer that there is money in old coins?  Or do you have a keen interest to learn more about collecting British coins?  It is certainly more than possible to pick up bronze Roman coins for about $2 and the 1933 British Georg V Pennyaverage Roman or Celtic coin might set you back around $60.
On the other hand, a 1933 penny would be worth a cool $50,000 simply based on their extreme rarity value.  Of course there were enough pennies in circulation pertaining to that specific year but the Mint struck first just seven sample pennies first, to test the dies.  A total of three of these went into the cornerstones of buildings and another three currently reside in museums which leaves just one out there somewhere, remaining.  If you were fortunate enough to come across this specific one penny, count yourself rich, for it would be worth a great deal of money!

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