Investing In Silver With Coin Collecting

Collecting US silver coins is an excellent way of investing in silver for your future. Not only are silver coins a solid investment they provide a fascinating hobby as well. A nicely presented coin collection is a thing of beauty; you can see and feel the value in your hands.
In recent years the value of silver has risen and it is expected to continue going up in the future. However, the value of a coin is in more than just its metal content. A coin also has “collectable value” based upon its rarity. Naturally, the more common a coin is the less its collectable value will be. Many silver coins are in such short supply that they value significantly more than their silver content, while others are so common that they can be obtained very near to their silver value – an excellent way to invest in silver!
Silver Roosevelt dimeIf you are interested in collecting silver coins as a way of investing in silver you should concentrate on common date Roosevelt Dimes and Washington Quarters in circulated condition. A silver Roosevelt Dime contains 0.07234 oz. of silver while a Washington Quarter contains 0.18084 oz.
Silver Washington Quarter
While not common in circulation it is still possible to find a silver dime or quarter in your change. Always be on the lookout so that if you ever do get one in your change you won’t spend it!
Hopefully, you will be interested in more than just the silver content of your coins. The added value of a coin being more rare than others of its type can be substantially more than the silver value.

How To Choose The Coins You Buy

If you are buying coins strictly as a means to invest in silver you will probably want to start with circulated pre-1965 dimes, quarters and half dollars.

Seated Liberty Dime
Silver Coins Like this are Worth Much More than Metal Value

If you are interested in more than just the silver content and want truly collectable coins start out with just one or two coins, the Barber half dollar, Seated Liberty silver coins, and Morgan dollars are all good choices. Get yourself a good coin guide and/or read about them online. Familiarize yourself with the varieties. Compare the mintage numbers of various dates and mintmarks and learn which dates and mintmarks are less common.
When it comes time to buy coins compare as many different coin shops as you can. Flea markets and pawn shops are also good sources for coins. These days there are a lot of coin shops available online so you can probably get a better deal from a coin website than from a local coin store.
Compare the prices, but take into account the grades and the date/mint/mark. If you are careful and attentive to details you can find the best price for the least common coin of its type.
Sometimes you will find a seller at a flea market or shop who is offering mixed coins at the same price. If you are looking at a stack of Walking Liberty half dollars, for example, select the least common date mint mark combinations. Many online coin stores will offer a wide range of dates for the same price, again choose the least common ones possible.
However you decide to approach your silver coin collection learn as much as you can about it. You may be surprised how often you will find yourself checking the price of silver.
Written by David Slone, Copyright 2008 Coin Collector Guide

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  1. The value of a 1946 quarter can vary a great deal depending upon its condition. That coin contains approximately 6.75 worth of silver at todays spot price. So even is a low circulated grade it still has a value of around $10 or so.

  2. I have several coins but was interested in a coin in my possession a quarter dated 1946.
    whta would be the value?
    David Kimbrell

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